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Hello! I’m Elicia

My name is Elicia and I am the creator of Bloom Affirmations. Here you’ll find a range of resources on journaling, mindset, self development, and of course, positive affirmations. I originally created Bloom Affirmations as a creative project, sharing my illustrations and affirmations on social media. This has quickly blossomed into a growing online business, and we now offer a range of products, including The Bloom Affirmations Deck, wall art, and various digital downloads. 

My aim is simple: to help empower women through harnessing the power of positive affirmations.

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What I do…

Content creation and illustration

My Instagram is where you can find hundreds of illustrated affirmations and several challenges to take part in.

Write blog posts

I write blog posts to help guide your journey towards self-love, ranging from mindset, journaling, and affirmations. 

Create self-improvement tools

I’ve created several products including the Bloom Affirmations Deck and the Self Love Workbook.


More about me

I discovered my passion for self-development aged 18 when I went to Leeds University and began attending yoga and meditation classes in my spare time. I also found affirmations during this period, and I noticed a huge improvement in my confidence levels as I began using them on a daily basis. I am also excited to share that I have secured a book deal and I am currently working on a series of books which will be released in 2022. Make sure you sign up to our mailing list for the latest developments and updates as Bloom continues to grow!
Image reads 'I radiate warmth, optimism and joy'

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