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20 Affirmations for Social Situations

Social situations can often make us feel nervous or anxious, especially when meeting new people or going into an unknown situation.  Panic and fear can rise rapidly, and thoughts such as ‘what will people think of me?’ and ‘what if something goes wrong?’ begin circulating the mind. As social creatures, we crave acceptance and acknowledgement from those around us. Use these affirmations to increase feelings of confidence and calm in social situations. 

How can affirmations help?

Affirmations help in scary social situations as they make you focus on positive feelings rather than getting swept away in negative feelings. As you repeat the affirmations mentally, your brain will naturally begin to focus on them. This can help increase feelings of calmness and confidence

When you are starting with affirmations, it is best to choose ones which resonate the most. Don’t worry if some of the affirmations seem unbelievable at first as your brain is forging new neural networks. After time and repetition, affirmations that once seemed unbelievable will become second nature. Learn about the science behind affirmations here.

Affirmations for social anxiety 

  1. I am calm and grounded.
  2. I am in charge of my energy and I choose to feel confident.
  3. I release the need to be approved by others. 
  4. I am proud of the person I am. 
  5. I communicate with clarity and ease.
  6. I naturally radiate confidence and charisma.
  7. I know that there is nothing to fear and I am safe.
  8. I can do this and I know I am strong.
  9. I see the world as a friendly and inviting place.
  10. I am relaxed in social situations.
  11. I enjoy being in the company of new people.
  12. I release the fear of judgment and simply be myself.
  13. I am worthy of respect. 
  14. I speak calmly and clearly. 
  15. I am self assured and composed when facing new situations.
  16. I have lots to offer and know my worth. 
  17. I enjoy socialising and speaking to new people. 
  18. I am calm and collected.
  19. I love challenging myself and growing in the process.
  20. I am proud of myself for trying new things.

Important things to remember 

Affirmations have the potential to help feelings of unease or social anxiety. They are a powerful tool when used regularly. It is important to choose affirmations which resonate and make you feel good. Don’t choose affirmations that seem triggering or unbelievable in your current state as these might not work as effectively. You can always create your own affirmations, using words that make you feel uplifted and positive. Enjoy using these affirmations to increase feelings of confidence.

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