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10 Bullet Journaling Youtube Channels To Watch

Bullet journaling is a great way to get organized and make lists. It can be used for personal use or for business purposes, like creating marketing campaigns. One of the best ways to start bullet journaling is by watching Youtube channels that teach you how!

This is a list of YouTube channels that will help you in your quest for creating the perfect bullet journal. These channels are chock full of advice and tips on how to make your own bullet journal, or what supplies you need to buy when starting out. Popular topics include organization, planning, productivity, and creativity.

10 Bullet Journaling Youtube Channels To Watch

1. Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is one of the most popular Bullet Journaling Youtubers. She is a professional artist and provides step-by-step instructions on how to create different designs, from simple bullet journal ideas for beginners all the way up to complex art pieces that look almost too good to be written in!

Her content is broken down into several categories, including stationery, doodling, lettering, doodle planning, holiday, DIY, and of course, bullet journal setups.

Amanda Lee has her own line of planners, notebooks, and washi tapes that are sold in her online store. They are great companions for her Youtube videos, tutorials, and live streams.

2. The Official Bullet Journal Channel

If you have never heard of a bullet journal before this moment or are new to the concept, visiting the official bujo channel is a good idea for orienting yourself to the philosophy.

This video of Bullet Journal’s origin story created by Matt Ragland is a great intro to the practice of journaling with bullets.

This official bullet journal YouTube channel is very informative and full of instructional videos for all skill levels, including tutorials on how to create different spreads, how to thread and connect the content in your bullet journal together, and how to construct your first super simple habit tracker.

This channel also explains how to use the bullet journal phone app so that you can stay organized on the go.

3. JashiiCorrin

Jess, also known as JashiiCorrin, works as a high school science teacher in New Zealand and teaches people how to plan their bullet journals in her free time.

She releases a new video every Thursday and Sunday, so there is regularly fresh and interesting content on the channel.

JashiiCorring focuses on topics such as bullet journaling for students, moving to a new house, goal planning, blackout journal spreads, and Dutch door bullet journal ideas.

There are also 16 videos that focus on bullet journal basics as well as 6 lettering videos that can provide beginners with a solid foundation as they begin their journaling journey.

If you are a student, teacher, or have one in your house, JashiiCorrin’s channel is an invaluable resource for organizing and planning your year.

4. Studyquill

Jasmine has created a sensational 1 million subscriber channel on Youtube that focuses on organizations for students of all ages and individuals that need to get their life in order.

Her content is a blend of high-school and college organizing, productivity videos, and bullet journaling.

Her playlist plan with me features over 45 tutorials that range from how to create a weekly layout, how to make calendars and habit trackers in your bullet journal. She provides an eagle-eye-view of her personal planning process for each month, so you can watch someone create a bullet journal in real-time.

This channel is great if you need help with school or personal organization since Jasmine provides comprehensive tutorials that are easy to follow for anyone, regardless of age or skill level.

5. My Life in a Bullet

Christina Tamas is a British architect who has curated her own Youtube channel and blog named My Life in a Bullet. She is a genius at combining a touch of color with crisp ink designs in a fluid and streamlined way.

She has a Youtube playlist for every month of the year that includes all her monthly spreads, as well as individual videos with themes such as doodling and adult coloring pages.

She also creates content about lettering, home makeovers and tours, and stationary recommendations.

6. Jenny Journals

Jenny creates bullet journal videos that are calming and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to her interest in journal design, she also has tutorials on sticker making and watercolor painting as well.

Her spreads are bold, unique, and colorful, so they are perfect for people who are looking to add a touch of artistry to their bullet journal.

Her videos will make you feel like an artist while teaching you how to create beautiful bullet journals!

7. Plant Based Bride

Elizabeth Greer Turnbull is the creator of Plant Based Bride, a Youtube channel that features over 168 bullet journal videos for your viewing pleasure.

Her relaxing videos have creative and unique techniques that are sure to inspire your bullet journaling journey. She often uses watercolors to create gorgeous designs and scenes and shows several techniques you can use for applying paint to a notebook.

Her bullet journal videos are perfect for people who have an artistic flair and need inspiration in order to get started with their very own bullet journal.

In addition to her bullet journal content, she shares about self-care, books, sustainable fashion, and veganism.

She is always adding new content so her channel will never go stale, which ensures that viewers feel refreshed and learn something new each time they visit.

8. Jordan Clark

Jordan creates a channel centered around lettering, nature, and journaling. She integrates these three themes into one beautiful and seamless channel.

Her videos are calming and she has an excellent tutorial series that features high-quality content for beginners to her channel or bullet journaling in general.

She talks about how the daily act of writing can affect your life, which makes this channel great if you need inspiration for getting started on your own bullet journal journey.

There are several free printables available alongside her content, so you can download and start your bullet journal project immediately.

She also creates other DIY content that makes her a one-stop-shop for all things inspiration.

9. Tea And Twigs

This colorful content creator is based in London and works as a full-time blogger. In her spare time, she creates Youtube videos centered on advice, planning, and organization.

Her videos feature her personal bullet journal setups in fun timelapse videos that are engaging and informative.

She has a unique style, which makes this channel perfect for people who want to watch someone with an artistic flair create some pages in their own bullet journal. She emphasizes wellness concepts, provides space for reflection, and shares a lot of information about how to anchor this all down in a bullet journal or diary space.

10. Shayda Campbell

Shayda Campbell is an artist who regularly releases tutorials that can support you in learning how to watercolor paint, doodle, and master illustration.

She has also created over 50 videos about bullet journal setups as well as 28 hand lettering videos that can inspire and guide you in creating your very own pieces.

She talks about how bullet journaling can be a powerful tool for those who want to set intentions, establish their mood board, or create a vision plan, as well as gives tutorials on how to use the planner layouts that she prefers.

Her plan with me video series includes a new flower tutorial each month, so this channel is perfect for those who want to sharpen their skills when it comes to botanical illustration and coloring.

Final Thoughts

One of the reasons that bullet journaling is so popular is because there are so many unique creators that make new styles and templates for us all to share and use. Youtube provides a platform for these people to share their work with the world, which makes it easy for us to learn their techniques.

If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to turning your thoughts, dreams, and ideas into something tangible, these bullet journaling YouTube channels should be at the top of your list!

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