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How to Use Scripting for Manifestation

Everyone dreams of creating their ideal life, and utilising the Law of Attraction can definitely help the process. There are many different techniques to help manifest your vision, and scripting is an excellent way to help your dreams become reality. Scripting is especially useful if you prefer to write than to visualise, and can also become a great tool for self-development. Here are the best tips to use scripting for manifestation and how to make it part of your daily routine. 

What is manifestation scripting?

Scripting is a form of journaling that involves writing about the life you want to create in detail. It is often written in the past tense, as if you have already manifested the things you desire. It includes lots of positive and optimistic language and includes the feelings you’d like to enhance. With scripting, the more detail, the better. Let your imagination run wild as you write out your ideal day, year, or life!

How to use scripting for manifestation

  1. Choose a journal and your favourite pen and create quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. You might also wish to light a candle and turn the exercise into a self care ritual. 
  2. Select one topic you would like to create a script for. It might be your ideal day, your perfect partner, or your dream job. You will be writing a lot of detail about this, so it is best to choose one topic to begin with. 
  3. Begin writing in the past tense as if this is already your reality and you are reflecting on your day. This signals to the subconscious that it is already your reality, therefore it is easier to integrate. 
  4. Include affirmations and statements that make you feel excited, optimistic, and grateful for your life. You can read how to write your own affirmations here. Make sure the script really resonates with you and lights you up. 
  5. Once you have finished your script, take a moment to meditate or reflect on what you have written. The next step is to surrender your manifestations to a higher power/ the Universe. This is an important part as it signals that you trust that your vision will materialise at the perfect time. 

Examples of scripting 

Let’s say you wish to manifest your soulmate. Here is an example of a script you might write in your journal. You would include characteristics that are important to you to make the script as personal as possible. 

I am so grateful for my soulmate. He is kind, funny, caring, and passionate. He came into my life at the perfect time and I feel so blessed to have met him. We love spending time together and he makes me feel really special. I love that we share so many interests and we are even thinking of planning a special holiday soon. We share the same dreams and he is really supportive of goals. I am unbelievably blessed and so grateful!

You could extend this to include what you like most about them, how you met, and your plans for the future. Enjoy the process and really focus on increasing positive feelings as you write. Make sure to have fun and keep the script specific to your manifestations. 

Enjoy the process

Manifestation scripting is a great way to work with the law of attraction and also build feelings of trust. Enjoy the writing process and make sure you write in the present or past tense. I have experienced great results with this method and I am sure you will too!

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