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What are Affirmation Cards?

Affirmation cards are a collection of cards, with each card containing a unique affirmation.

A positive affirmation is an uplifting, inspiring, or motivational statement, usually written in the first person. There are many different varieties of decks, usually containing between 10 – 60 cards.

What is the purpose of affirmation cards?

Affirmation cards are similar to tarot or oracle cards. They all have the same function of providing guidance, as most cards are chosen at random and therefore contain an important message. The cards can also provide clarity if you are going through a difficult time, or a sense of optimism if you need a positivity boost.

As each card contains a different affirmation, they can alter your mood instantly depending on which card you pick. Many people use affirmation cards as part of their spiritual or self development practice. They offer a way to connect with your higher self and receive guidance from the Universe. 

How can I use affirmation cards?

Like any practice or tool, you can use affirmations in many different ways. It is important to choose a way that resonates with you. Here are a few suggestions:

Pick a selection of cards at random 

This involves shuffling the deck and picking a few cards at random. Some people may choose one card and others may choose a few, depending on how many affirmations they want to work with. You can refer to the chosen affirmations throughout the day to keep focused and grounded. 

To enhance your meditation practice

Select one card (either at random or intentionally) before meditating, and use the affirmation as a focus point throughout your meditation. You may choose to repeat the affirmation in your mind or aloud to deepen your connection to the words. How does this affirmation make you feel? How could you incorporate it into your life? This is a powerful way to integrate the magic of affirmations.

As a reminder throughout your day

Cards containing affirmations can act as physical reminders throughout our day when we notice them in important places. This might mean placing them on your desk, on your fridge, or even keeping one in your purse. You can also place them around your mirror or use them as part of a collage. As we notice them, they remind us to stay focused and help positively alter our thoughts. 

To receive guidance

Just like tarot cards, affirmation cards can provide guidance and clarity. Before picking a card, you can ask for guidance on a specific question. This could be from God/higher self/the Universe, or any other source. The affirmation card you pick might then offer some clarity, or provide an insight you hadn’t thought of. 

In collaboration with other cards

If you already own tarot cards or oracle cards, you can incorporate affirmation cards into these readings. For every 3-5 tarot cards you select, you might also pick an affirmation card. This way, you can see how the cards link, and if there are any themes or similarities. Using other decks means your readings will be varied and interesting.

Final thoughts

Affirmation cards are a collection of cards, each containing a positive or inspirational statement. They are similar to tarot or oracle cards and can be used in the same way. They have a number of uses and help improve your mindset, and can be added to any existing spiritual or self-development practices you might have. I have personally used affirmation cards for years and they always bring joy and comfort to my day. Have you considered using these cards? Let us know in the comments!

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