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How to Write an Affirmation Letter

Positive affirmations have the power to lift your mood and change your perspective. Writing an affirmation letter to yourself is an even deeper way to connect with the magic of affirmations. Making a letter addressed to you is not only a beautiful act of self-love, it is also a great way to connect to your intuition and receive guidance. 

What is an affirmation letter?

An affirmation letter is a letter written by you and addressed to you. The letter often contains lots of encouragement and positive affirmations. It can be as long or as short as you like, and can even contain special words or phrases which are personal to you. It doesn’t have to be shown to anyone else, so it can be highly personal and reflective. It is often best to write your letters by hand, using paper/journal and a pen that makes you feel special. 

What are the benefits of writing an affirmation letter?

We often overlook our intuition or higher self as a source of support or guidance. We might turn to family, friends, a book, a podcast, or many other things for advice or knowledge instead. These are all external forms of information, when actually, we hold the most powerful source of information within ourselves. Affirmation letters are a great way to connect to this inner guidance. 

Furthermore, positive affirmations have many benefits (read about the science behind them here), so writing a letter containing many affirmations is going to increase their effects. When we write positive, uplifting, and encouraging statements to ourselves, we are bound to feel happier and more optimistic. 

3 ways to use affirmation letters 

  1. To receive guidance from your higher self. Sit in meditation or contemplation, take a few deep breaths, and ask your intuition a question. Allow your hand to begin writing, not thinking too much about the process or what comes out on the page. See what messages your intuition has for you. 
  2. To manifest. If you are trying to call in a specific person, object, or experience, take a few moments to connect to the feeling of already having this in your life. Write the letter as if this is already your reality, describing exactly how you feel. 
  3. As a self-love practice. Light a candle, create a sacred space, and get your favourite pen and journal ready. Write a love letter to yourself, detailing all the things you find wonderful about yourself. If you’d like some examples of self-love affirmations, click here.

What do I include in an affirmation letter?

There are no rules in terms of what you include in your own letter. The most important thing is that it is written for you, by you. Include phrases that make you feel good, using words and affirmations that have a positive and encouraging tone. Here are some examples:

I’m so proud of you and how resilient and magnificent you are. You’re doing so well, just keep going! 

I love you exactly as you are and I completely accept all parts of you. You are enough, you have always been enough and you will always be enough. 

I know things have been difficult, but please know that I will never abandon you. I am always here for you and I will always support you. 

The key here is to use words and phrases that you really connect with. This makes the affirmation letter very powerful and more likely to have a significant effect. 

Final thoughts

Writing a letter to yourself is a beautiful way to receive guidance from your higher self, as part of your manifestation process, or as a self-love practice. There is no right or wrong way to write it, just allow your intuition to lead the way. Whatever you write is perfect for you, and refer to it as many times as you need to.

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