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Vision Journaling: the Ultimate Manifestation Method

Developing a regular journaling practice has so many benefits, but have you ever considered using journaling as a tool for manifestation? Journaling is great for improving your mindset and developing self awareness, but it is also a really powerful way to help manifest a more fulfilling life. In this article we’ll cover vision journaling and how you can use it to create the life you desire.

What is vision journaling?

Vision journaling is a method where you write down all of your desires and manifestations in the first person present tense, as if you already have the things you desire.

Write down as much detail as possible, allowing your imagination to run wild. An example might include a walkthrough of your perfect day, or a detailed description of your perfect partner. 

You can let your creativity flow as you journal the biggest vision for yourself and your life. You might wish to add pictures to your journal, using elements of a vision board to your journal entries.

The most important part of the process is that it makes you feel good and excited about all the ways in which you can shape your life. 

Does it work?

Yes! In my experience, vision journaling is effective as it helps you get into the feeling of already having what you desire.

The process is really enjoyable and helps you get excited about what your life could look like in the not too distant future. 

It’s also a really good way to get clear on what you actually want. When you get clear on the specifics of the highest version for yourself, you begin to realize what matters to you. This then shapes your daily actions and improves your mindset. 

What are the benefits of vision journaling?

  1. It improves your mood. When you’re journaling about your dream life, you will feel excited, motivated, and full of energy. There’s no better feeling than getting excited about all the different things you could manifest. 
  2. It opens up your creative skills. Journaling is a highly creative process which allows you to be as experimental as you wish. Enjoy doing something with your creative mind and give your logical mind a break. 
  3. It helps you connect with your desires. If you don’t know what your vision is, journaling about it will certainly help you get clearer on what you want for your life. It’s a great way to find clarity and focus.  

How to create a vision journal 

  1. Buy a new journal that makes you feel abundant and is a joy to write in. You might also wish to buy yourself a new pen.
  2. Begin by sectioning your journal into different topics. My current sections include abundance, relationships, business, lifestyle, body and health, and opportunities. You might wish to add further sections depending on what you wish to manifest. 
  3. For each section, write as much detail as you can. Make sure you write in the first person and present tense, as if you already have that which you wish to manifest. 
  4. Read your vision journal on a regular basis, adding more to each section as you allow yourself to dream big. The clearer you get on your desires, the more fun you’ll have journaling. 
  5. For each section, write down 1-3 daily actions you can take in order to help call in your manifestations. You might wish to set a reminder on your phone to check in at the end of the day to see how many actions you took towards your dreams. 
  6. When you manifest something, write ‘manifested’ next to it. This signals to your subconscious that you are able to make changes and develops your trust muscle. 

Examples of vision journaling

My business is thriving! Abundance flows to me effortlessly and easily doing what I love. I feel so fulfilled working on my own projects and making a difference to peoples’ lives in the process. I am a massive success and I am able to live the life of my dreams. I’m an inspiration to others to take the leap and follow their passions. I am so proud of myself. 

I am in a loving, supportive, fulfilling relationship. My partner is kind, considerate, passionate, and driven. We are a perfect match for each other and we help each other grow into the best versions of ourselves. I feel so fulfilled and all my needs are being met. I love spending time with my partner and we have so much fun. I’m so blessed to have this person in my life. 

I am vibrant, healthy, and full of energy. My body is perfectly balanced and I am the picture of optimal health. I love taking care of myself through eating nourishing foods and moving in ways that feel good. I radiate health and vitality. I’ve completely transformed and shed the behaviours that no longer serve me. 

Important things to remember 

  • Don’t be afraid to dream BIG. Be really bold and ambitious with your desires. Write down all grandest, most daring visions you could possibly imagine. Nothing is off-limits.
  • Some resistance is normal. If you find yourself judging what you write, that’s ok. This is probably your inner critic causing you to doubt yourself. Keep moving through the resistance and try using some worthiness affirmations.
  • Expect your vision to change. After a few months of vision journaling, you might notice that your desires have changed. As we evolve and grow, it’s natural that our desires will grow too. Simply keep adding to your journal. 
  • Consider what is the highest vision for yourself and the collective. It’s great that we have dreams, but have you considered how your vision will impact others? Think about how your manifestations will help you, but also make the world a better place.
  • Consider meditating on your vision. Manifestation combined with meditation is a great way to enhance your vision and tune into the energy of it on a daily basis.

Final thoughts 

Vision journaling is a powerful practice which helps you get clear on what you want to manifest. Enjoy the process and allow your intuition to lead the way. Don’t worry if the practice brings up some resistance at first; know that this is normal and will eventually fade the more you journal. Know that creating your dream life is completely possible and you are absolutely worthy of it. Once you’ve tried this powerful practice, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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