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The Two Cup Manifestation Method

Affirmations and journaling are a great way to get clear on what you would like to manifest and help create your dream life. There are also lots of other manifestation techniques, and the two cup method is an unusual but effective option. Keep reading to find out more about how to implement it into your spiritual practice.

What is the two cup method?

The two cup method is based on the idea of dimension jumping. If we want to make big changes in our life, then we need to shift the current reality we live in and move to our desired reality.

Making a big change can be scary, therefore this technique acts as a visual reminder that it is possible to make the shift. 

This method is also based on the idea of intention. We always have the choice to shape our reality, especially if our current reality isn’t what we envision for ourselves.

The two cup method emphasizes that we can make our dreams and goals manifest into our lives sooner than we think when we set strong intentions. 

10 steps to the two cup method 

  1. Get two empty glasses or cups. 
  2. Decide on a specific goal or manifestation you wish to call in. 
  3. Write this goal or manifestation (desired reality) on one piece of paper. Include lots of detail and focus on the feelings of already having it. Stick this to one glass or cup.
  4. Write down your current reality in relation to this goal or manifestation. Where are you at the moment? How do you feel about the situation? Stick this to the other glass or cup. 
  5. Fill up the cup labelled with details of your current reality with water. 
  6. Take a moment to connect to your breath. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. 
  7. Pour the water from the filled cup (your current reality) into the empty cup (your desired reality). 
  8. Take a moment to focus on the full cup and cultivate feelings of excitement, joy, and gratitude. 
  9. Drink every last drop of the full cup and visualize stepping into your desired reality. You have now shifted and you will begin to experience big changes in your life.
  10. Rip up the old label and hold onto your desired label. 

Why does this work?

I know what you’re probably thinking… how on earth can writing on two pieces of paper and sticking them to glasses help change my current reality?

I know it seems strange, but the two cup method is a great way to visualize your future, and the practice is a symbolic act that signifies readiness for change.

Ceremonies have been performed for thousands of years across many cultures. When we take a simple act and place a loving and hopeful energy into it, we help begin the process of making positive change.

Any act has the capacity to become sacred or ritualistic. What matters most is our intention. If you believe this method will help you change your life, then you are already priming your mind for positive change.

The two cup method is very effective as it acts as a visual representation of going through a huge shift. The subconscious mind loves to think in terms of pictures and feelings, so this is a great way to signal that you are ready for change.

Writing your current and desired realities on labels is also a great way to reflect on where you currently are and where you’d like to go. It encourages self awareness and introspection.

How often should I practice the two cup method?

You can practice the two cup manifestation method once for each goal or focus you have. You don’t need to repeat it often as this is a powerful exercise.

An integral part of creating a new reality is trusting that it will come through at the right time, and surrendering to a greater plan.

The most important thing is to really focus on the feelings of optimism and willingness to change as you practice the method, and tune in to gratitude and joy as you drink the water from the cup. 

Final thoughts

The two cup method is a great way to focus on creating a new reality for yourself in a fun but powerful way. The method acts as a visual aid to the subconscious part of the mind that a big change is about to happen, and helps cultivate feelings of optimism and excitement. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process.

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