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Sleep Affirmations

A good night’s sleep is so important for our health, yet many people suffer with sleepless nights. Sometimes, all we need is something to quiet and soothe our minds. Use the following affirmations to improve your quality of sleep and relax at bedtime. 

How can affirmations help improve sleep quality?

Affirmations are positive and encouraging statements written in the present tense. As you repeat them either aloud or in your mind, you help rewire the conscious and subconscious parts of the brain (read about the science behind affirmations here). Some people experience racing thoughts as they try to get to sleep. Affirmations offer a focus point to help induce a relaxed state, and also help challenging negative or disruptive thoughts. 

How should I use sleep affirmations?

Focus on them at bedtime 

When you are falling to sleep, choose a few of the following affirmations that resonate with you and begin to repeat them in your mind. Imagine the energy behind each affirmation sinking into your body. You may wish to place your attention on your breath. Focus on cultivating feelings of calm and releasing any tension.

Write the affirmations in your journal

Grab your favourite pen and journal and write down each affirmation at least once. As you write, focus on cultivating the feeling of each affirmation. You might also wish to reflect on how each statement makes you feel. Did you feel any tension or resistance? If so, you might wish to modify the sentence so it resonates with you. 

Sleep Affirmations 

  1. I relax and let go of any tension from the day.
  2. Good sleep is something I cherish and cultivate.
  3. My bedroom is the perfect environment to sleep well. 
  4. I focus on feelings of calm and relaxation. 
  5. I release any tension from my body and mind. 
  6. All is well and I am completely supported.
  7. I surrender to the present moment.
  8. I am safe and supported at all times.
  9. As I inhale peace, I exhale negativity. 
  10. I am worthy of a deep and peaceful sleep. 
  11. My health and wellbeing is my top priority. 
  12. I rest, relax, and let go. 
  13. I am always kind to myself.
  14. My natural state is one of peace and balance.
  15. I give myself permission to let go and unwind.

Final Thoughts

Know that you are always able to improve your mindset and challenge limiting beliefs. Use these sleep affirmations to make you feel calm and relaxed, either during falling to sleep or as a journaling practice. Feel the sense of calm they bring.

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