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20 Affirmations for Learning to Let Go

To let go means to trust the flow of life, surrender to a bigger plan, and release attachment to outcomes. This is an important skill to cultivate, especially when it comes to manifestation. Use the following letting go affirmations to cultivate a sense of inner peace. 

Why is letting go important?

We often spend so much time striving and working hard for the things we desire. Although action is important, there is an equal amount of power in letting go. To release attachment to a particular outcome means we clear the way for exciting or even better potentialities to unfold. We think we have an idea of what is best for us, but sometimes the universe can surprise us with something even better than we could have imagined. 

What are the benefits of letting go?

The main benefit of letting go is the immediate sense of peace you feel. Instead of striving or planning all the time, you can relax and trust that everything will unfold as it is meant to. It also saves a lot of mental energy compared to worrying, planning, or overthinking.

Another great benefit of letting go is that you signal to the universe that you are secure and happy, no matter what unfolds. We can feel deflated if we place our hopes and dreams on one outcome and this doesn’t manifest. Choosing to trust means that you develop a sense of inner peace that isn’t dependent on any external circumstances.

Affirmations for letting go 

Repeat the following affirmations regularly, either aloud or in your mind. You might also wish to write them in your journal, or include them in a letter to yourself (read how to do this here). 

  1. I release any attachments I have to any outcome. 
  2. I completely trust that everything will unfold as it is meant to. 
  3. Letting go is easy and natural for me.
  4. I surrender to the flow of life. 
  5. My ability to let go increases every single day.
  6. I am at peace with myself. 
  7. When I trust, things fall into place effortlessly. 
  8. The universe always supports and guides me.
  9. I place my faith in a higher power.
  10. I release the idea that I know what is best for me. 
  11. My natural state is one of trust and surrender. 
  12. As I release my desires, even more wonderful things enter my life. 
  13. Now that I have let go I feel peaceful and grounded.
  14. I am always supported and guided by a higher power. 
  15. Love and joy are my dominant ways of being. 
  16. I let go of anything that no longer serves me.
  17. Trust and surrender come easily to me. 
  18. I clear doubt from every single cell in my body. 
  19. I cultivate feelings of trust on a daily basis.
  20. My life is so much easier when I choose to let go.


Letting go and learning to trust the process of life is a valuable skill to cultivate. To surrender signals to the universe that you are at peace with whatever unfolds, and also allows even more exciting opportunities to come into your life. Use the above affirmations to release attachment to your desires and feel the sense of calm they provide. Keep up to date with the latest affirmations here.

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