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55 Manifestation Mantras to Help You Create Your Dream Life

We all want to live a fulfilling life, but how exactly do we achieve this? A big part of creating our dream life involves creating the right mindset. Getting clear on our goals and taking the right steps requires high levels of focus, which isn’t always easy in a world full of distractions. In this article, we will explore the power of mantras and how to use manifestation mantras to help you focus on your dreams.

What are mantras?

Mantras are a powerful tool to help focus the mind. They are a collection of words or sounds repeated often, believed to bring about a spiritual or mental effect. Mantras play a key role in Buddhism, Hinduism, and ancient yogic practices. 

One of the most powerful mantras is the sacred sound ‘Om’ (sometimes written as ‘Aum’). It is believed to be the sound of consciousness, and is significant across many cultures. 

Traditional mantras such as Om remain very popular, but the definition of a mantra has expanded in modern times. Any collection of words which has a special significance to you and is repeated often can become a personal mantra, offering inspiration or comfort when you need it. 

What’s the difference between a positive affirmation and a mantra? 

A mantra can be one word, syllable, or sound. A positive affirmation tends to be a sentence. What they do have in common, however, is that they are both designed to be repeated often. 

There is nothing to stop you using positive affirmations as mantras. You can repeat them often, even with a melodic effect, to help you get into a state of focus.

Manifestation mantras 

Here are 55 inspirational positive affirmations that can also be used as mantras. Read through each one and see if it resonates with you.

Don’t worry if you don’t connect with each affirmation. Simply choose the ones that you do like, and make a note of them.

Mantras for manifestation

  1. I am capable of creating my dream life. 
  2. I am a powerful being capable of great things. 
  3. Every day I am one step closer to my goals. 
  4. I believe in myself and my abilities. 
  5. I am willing to do whatever it takes. 
  6. My mindset is strong and my energy is high. 
  7. I create positive changes every single day. 
  8. I am confident, prepared, and ready!
  9. Success is mine to claim. 
  10. I deserve to manifest my deepest desires. 
  11. I am stronger than I think. 

Self worth mantras 

  1. I am ready to let go of self doubt. 
  2. I willingly release negativity.
  3. Every day my self worth increases.
  4. I am ready to move forward with my dreams. 
  5. I know what I want and I pursue it with confidence. 
  6. My energy is one of self love and acceptance. 
  7. I deserve the good things in life. 
  8. I accept myself exactly as I am. 
  9. Love and happiness are mine to claim. 
  10. I have always been enough and I will always be enough. 

Short and sweet manifestation mantras

  1. I can do this!
  2. Keep going, keep believing. 
  3. I am ready. 
  4. I create my reality. 
  5. One day at a time. 
  6. I see the good around me. 
  7. Keep on shining. 
  8. Dream big and work hard. 
  9. Show up every day. 
  10. Do good and be good. 
  11. I am worth it. 
  12. Start today. 

Abundance manifestation mantras 

  1. I give and receive openly. 
  2. I am open to all the magic the universe provides. 
  3. Abundance and wealth is mine to claim. 
  4. I love money and money loves me. 
  5. I cultivate an abundance mindset. 
  6. Wealth is waiting for me. 
  7. I am grateful for the wealth that is already in my life. 
  8. I am a money magnet. 
  9. My money mindset is healthy and balanced. 
  10. I deserve to increase my financial assets. 
  11. I am financially independent. 

Love and relationship mantras 

  1. I attract supportive and loving relationships.
  2. I am ready to meet my soulmate. 
  3. Love flows effortlessly to me in all forms. 
  4. I am grateful for my loved ones. 
  5. I deserve to meet the right person for me. 
  6. The universe supports me in finding love. 
  7. I trust that I will meet the right people at the right time.
  8. I am worthy of soul igniting love. 
  9. Love is already present in my life in so many ways. 
  10. I choose love and love chooses me. 
  11. I am treated with admiration, respect, and care. 

How to use manifestation mantras 

The first step involves choosing the right mantras for you. You may want to select them from the list above, or even write your own.

The most important thing is that your mantras really resonate with you and make you feel good. They might inspire, encourage, or motivate you. What matters most is that they invoke positive feelings. 

It’s best to start with a few mantras at first, then work your way up to include even more. It’s important that you choose the right number of affirmations so you aren’t overwhelmed. 

Once you have finalized your manifestation mantras, it’s time to begin using them! 

Here are some popular choices: 

  1. Speak them aloud. Mantras are essentially sacred sounds, so it makes sense to use your voice when working with them. Practice keeping your voice even and balanced, and speak with the energy of the words. 
  2. Focus on them during meditation. Mantras can be an excellent focal point during meditation. Simply repeat the manifestation mantra in your mind as you meditate. It doesn’t matter if you lose focus, just return to your mantra when you remember. 
  3. Listen to them. There are so many affirmation meditations available which you can listen to for free. Listen to a track as you commute to work, or as you exercise. It’s a great way to begin reprogramming your subconscious mind. 
  4. Write them in your journal. Journaling is a powerful practice that has many benefits supported by science. Write your manifestation mantras in your journal and refer to them on a daily basis to help keep you inspired. 

Do mantras work for manifestation? 

The short answer is yes! Mantras help us manifest our desires as they keep our attention focused on what matters. 

There is a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System which has the primary function of filtering through the huge amount of sensory data we receive every second. 

It’s impossible for our brain to focus on everything that surrounds us, so the Reticular Activating System filters through all of our senses and only makes us aware of what is important. 

If you choose to focus on something again and again, there’s a higher possibility that your Reticular Activating System will move this information to the conscious part of the brain. 

As you work with mantras, you are placing most of your attention on something that is positive, uplifting, and encouraging. This means you have a higher chance of beginning to take action to help make these thoughts and feelings a reality. 

In simple terms, where attention goes, energy flows. The more attention you place on your mantras, the more your beliefs will begin to shift. 

This isn’t an overnight fix. Working through limiting beliefs and replacing them with more encouraging ones takes time and effort. 

Focusing on what you want to manifest multiple times a day is an excellent way to begin making positive changes, and slowly but surely, your life will begin to reflect this. 

Final thoughts 

If you are looking to create your dream life, manifestation mantras are an excellent tool to help you achieve this. Make sure you choose mantras and affirmations that are uplifting, encouraging, and inspirational. You’ll need to work with them on a daily basis in order to feel their effects. Shifting your mindset will help transform your actions, and this is where real change begins. You are more than capable!