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111 Affirmations for Creativity to Inspire Your Creative Journey 

Creativity is a valuable skill to cultivate. Whether you have a creative hobby, or you choose to make your income from creative pursuits, there’s no doubt that interest in creativity has exploded in recent years. For my fellow creatives, I understand that the creative journey isn’t always easy. In this article we’ll explore 111 affirmations for creativity to keep you inspired, as well as the benefits of being a creative person. 

Am I a creative person? 

I believe every single person is creative. You might be creative in more traditional forms, such as writing, painting, or other hobbies, but creativity can also be found in the way you problem solve and approach life. 

If you’ve never considered yourself an ‘artistic’ person, don’t worry. Art and creativity can be found in all areas of life. I also believe that you don’t need formal training or education in order to express creativity. 

Within us exists original and innovative ideas that are waiting to be expressed. Formal training is great if you want to develop a skill, but it isn’t a requirement to begin your creative journey. 

How do I get in touch with my creative side?

If you don’t think of yourself as a creative person, you’re not alone. We can be out of touch with our creative side if we have learned from a young age to prioritize skills such as logic, analysis, and rationality. 

Although these are valuable skills, if we focus on them too much, we don’t allow space and freedom for creativity. It might feel strange to try and be creative if we’ve never prioritized it before. 

If you’re struggling to get in touch with your creative side, don’t put pressure on yourself. It’s natural to experience blocks from time to time. Try a writing exercise to free up some of the tension you feel. 

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and begin writing without paying much attention to what you’re actually writing. Allow the words to flow onto the page. Don’t worry if they don’t make sense, just keep writing. 

Writing without any aim is a great way to free up creative blocks and help you get in touch with your creative side. If you want to feel the benefits even further, consider practicing this first thing in the morning, as recommended by Julia Cameron. 

Earning an income from creativity 

More people than ever are making an income from their creativity. Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, or content creator, there are so many ways to make money from your art. If you are thinking about starting a creative income, or increasing the one you already have, it’s important that you focus on your mindset. 

Do you believe your creations are worthy of being sold? Do you believe in yourself and your vision enough to put yourself out there? It doesn’t matter how good your artistic skills are; if you don’t have the right mindset, it will be difficult to make an income from being creative. 

If you find yourself in a doubtful mindset, it’s a good idea to focus on affirmations that build confidence and self belief. You need to be your own biggest fan, taking pride in your creations. If you don’t love them, how do you expect anyone else to? 

Here are 111 affirmations for creativity to help you on your creative journey. 

Affirmations for creativity 

  1. I am a creative being. 
  2. I am capable of creating wonderful things. 
  3. Creativity comes naturally to me. 
  4. I explore my creative abilities. 
  5. I believe in my ability to create. 
  6. Every day, I get in touch with my creative side. 
  7. I believe in myself.
  8. I am a natural artist. 
  9. My skills and talents are valuable.
  10. I love being a creative person. 

Affirmations for creative self expression 

  1. My creations matter.
  2. I am learning to express myself. 
  3. I am willing to be vulnerable. 
  4. As I create, I make a positive impact. 
  5. I am a wonderful and creative person. 
  6. I release the need to judge my art. 
  7. The world needs what I have to offer. 
  8. I feel alive as I express my creativity. 
  9. I am inspired on a daily basis. 
  10. My art is amazing!

Affirmations for making money through creativity 

  1. I deserve to make money through sharing my art. 
  2. People love what I have to offer.
  3. I value my creations highly and so do others. 
  4. I charge my worth.
  5. My art is a valuable source of income. 
  6. I deserve to be successful. 
  7. I am a highly successful and wealthy creative. 
  8. My creations are lucrative. 
  9. The more I express my creativity, the more I earn. 
  10. My success is inevitable! 

Affirmations for removing self doubt 

  1. I let go of worry and fear.
  2. I am willing to release creative blocks. 
  3. Every day I gain more confidence. 
  4. I am a skilled and talented artist. 
  5. I believe in myself and my creations. 
  6. My self worth is determined by me. 
  7. I inhale creativity and exhale doubt. 
  8. I release the need to worry about the opinions of others. 
  9. My creative skills are for me to decide. 
  10. I treat myself with compassion and acceptance. 

Affirmations for inspiration 

  1. I find inspiration all around me. 
  2. I am a magnet for new and exciting projects. 
  3. Creative ideas flow to me with ease.
  4. I am grateful for the energy that feeds my imagination. 
  5. I am always connected to an infinite supply of inspiration. 
  6. The more I respect my creativity, the more it rewards me. 
  7. I see the world as an exciting and inspiring place. 
  8. I know inspiration is always available to me.
  9. Amazing ideas come to me on a regular basis. 
  10. I am surrounded by infinite possibilities. 

Affirmations for putting in the work 

  1. I am creative on a daily basis. 
  2. I understand the importance of routines. 
  3. Consistency and commitment are important to my art. 
  4. I am a determined and driven individual. 
  5. I create practices that honor my creativity. 
  6. Every day, I show up for my art in some way. 
  7. I am willing to work hard for what I believe in. 
  8. I respect the creative process. 
  9. As I take my art seriously, I reap the rewards. 
  10. I love working hard on my creative projects. 

Affirmations for creative support 

  1. The universe supports my creative pursuits in numerous ways. 
  2. I accept support when I need it. 
  3. I am surrounded by wonderful people who support my creativity. 
  4. Support is available to me whenever I ask for it. 
  5. I am grateful for my creative community. 
  6. As I support other artists, I too receive support. 
  7. I appreciate the guidance of others on my creative journey. 
  8. I am deserving of meaningful connections. 
  9. Every day, the universe supports me in unexpected ways. 
  10. I am supported in everything I pursue. 

Affirmations for creative joy

  1. Being a creative person brings me so much joy. 
  2. I feel so much happiness when I create. 
  3. I am full of passion and excitement for my art. 
  4. Every day I feel excited about creating new things. 
  5. I deserve to feel happy and content. 
  6. I am happiest when expressing my art. 
  7. The more I create, the happier I feel. 
  8. I am the highest expression of creativity and joy. 
  9. I feel good when I express myself authentically. 
  10. Being a creative person brings me endless joy. 

Affirmations for finding your creative style 

  1. I love experimenting with new styles.
  2. I am willing to think outside the box.
  3. My creativity can be expressed in numerous ways. 
  4. I love growing and evolving my creative style. 
  5. I am curious about all the ways in which I can create. 
  6. As I experiment with art, I learn so much about myself. 
  7. I release fear around trying new things. 
  8. I am willing to be daring and imaginative. 
  9. My creative style is original and unique. 
  10. I am always open to developing my creativity. 

Affirmations for the creative journey 

  1. I trust my creative evolution. 
  2. I am always where I need to be. 
  3. Every day, I receive the exact lessons needed for creative growth. 
  4. I believe in optimal timing.
  5. My creations appear in the world at the perfect moment. 
  6. I see the opportunity for growth in everything I experience. 
  7. I view my obstacles as valuable lessons. 
  8. Every day, in every way, I am guided towards my greatest good. 
  9. In this moment, everything is perfect. 
  10. There is nothing stopping me from achieving great things. 

More affirmations for creativity

  1. I desire a creative and abundant life for myself. 
  2. I release all resistance to my fullest creative expression. 
  3. The creative possibilities that surround me are vast. 
  4. I believe I am worthy of pursuing my creative goals. 
  5. I am an amazing, creative, and artistic person. 
  6. My life is full of creative opportunities. 
  7. I am so grateful for my unique gifts and talents. 
  8. I deserve to feel good about my creations. 
  9. Every day is an opportunity for learning. 
  10. I love and approve of myself and my art. 
  11. All is well in my world. 

How to use positive affirmations for creativity 

Why not make using affirmations part of your creative process? Creating a vision board is a great way to express your creativity whilst also boosting confidence and motivation. 

Choose your favorite affirmations from the list above and write them on a large sheet of paper. Add images, decorations, and anything else that makes you feel inspired. Create a collage that you can refer to at any time to motivate and inspire you. 

You can create a vision board for each theme you want to focus on, or maybe a larger one incorporating all the aspects of life you’re currently working on. Make sure the process is fun and enjoyable, and let your creativity run wild!

Affirmations for creativity: final thoughts 

Choose the affirmations that inspire and encourage you the most and write them down in your journal, on your phone, or even on post-it notes. Refer to them regularly to help you keep focused on your creative journey. 

It isn’t always easy being a creative person, but believe in yourself and keep respecting your art. You are here to express your unique skills and talents, and the world needs what you have to offer. From a fellow creative person to another, let’s keep supporting and inspiring each other!

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