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50 Affirmations to Silence Self Doubt

We all doubt ourselves from time to time, but it’s important to not let self doubt become our dominant way of thinking. If you find yourself in a state of self criticism, questioning yourself and your abilities, maybe it’s time for a change. In this article we’ll explore how to overcome the inner critic with 50 effective affirmations for self doubt. 

What is self doubt?

Self doubt is defined as a lack of belief in yourself or your abilities. It might come from past negative experiences that damaged your self esteem, or even from childhood. 

Self doubt can sometimes be difficult to define. You might notice it in the way you talk to yourself, or you might feel it in the form of uneasiness or anxiety. 

You might not think you doubt yourself at all, until you look closely and notice you aren’t living your life to the fullest. 

Here are some journaling prompts that can help you identify if self doubt is present in your life: 

  • Do you feel confident in daily life? 
  • Do you believe in or doubt your abilities at work? 
  • Are you holding yourself back from fully expressing yourself? 
  • How confident are you in your own self worth? 
  • Do you believe you are capable of reaching your goals? 

It is completely normal to doubt yourself occasionally. You can’t feel confident 100% of the time, especially through particularly challenging periods of life. 

What does matter is that you don’t let self doubt take over completely and stop you living your life to the fullest.

Your existence matters, and you deserve to lead a satisfying life. But how exactly can you overcome self doubt? 

Working with the inner critic 

Removing self doubt begins by working with the inner critic. 

The inner critic is the dialogue in your mind that reminds you of your failures. It can be found in the way you judge yourself. It’s harsh, mean, and sometimes difficult to silence. 

Here are examples of thoughts that come from the inner critic:

“You’re so stupid, of course you won’t get that new job.”

“You look fat and gross. Don’t even think about wearing a dress.” 

“I am useless. I don’t even know why I bother trying.” 

“I’m so ashamed of myself. I should have never done that.” 

We all have experienced this critical inner dialogue at some point. Although it might feel like these thoughts come from you, they don’t. 

Now you are familiar with your inner critic, here are a few ways to work with it:

  1. Recognize that the inner critic is not you. You are not your mean and negative thoughts. You could be repeating things you were once told about yourself from others, or even internalized messages from the media or wider society. 
  2. Don’t add more negative emotions to these thoughts. Don’t judge or shame yourself further. Simply witness the inner critic rather than listening to it. Observe it without judgment. 
  3. Use humor! Give your inner critic a name, and make a note of when it starts talking again. The inner critic isn’t as serious or as powerful as you think. 
  4. Work with positive affirmations to change your inner dialogue. Affirmations can rapidly affect your inner dialogue and help you focus on more supportive thoughts. 

Affirmations for self doubt 

Here are 50 powerful affirmations for self doubt. Use them when you need a confidence boost or to quiet your inner critic. 

Choose the ones that resonate with you, and leave the ones that don’t. Write down your favorite affirmations so you can refer to them often. 

Repetition is key with affirmations. Make sure you work with them on a regular basis to overcome self doubt. 

With practice, consistency, and repetition, you will find yourself beginning to grow in confidence and self esteem. You can do this! 

Self doubt affirmations 

  1. I am ready to let go of self doubt. 
  2. I no longer question myself or my abilities. 
  3. My worth is determined by me. 
  4. I choose to let go of fear. 
  5. I am ready to feel better about myself. 
  6. Self doubt is no longer my story. 
  7. It’s okay to release what no longer serves me.
  8. I am safe and grounded at all times.
  9. Every day I worry less and trust more.
  10. I replace self doubt with self confidence.

Affirmations to quiet the inner critic 

  1. I am in control of my thoughts. 
  2. I no longer give my energy to negativity. 
  3. My thoughts are loving and kind. 
  4. I cultivate loving acceptance towards myself. 
  5. I am ready to let go of my inner critic. 
  6. Every day I grow in self acceptance. 
  7. I replace criticism with compassion.
  8. I deserve to feel happy and content. 
  9. My mistakes no longer define me. 
  10. I release guilt, shame, and fear. 

More affirmations for self doubt 

  1. I trust myself and have faith in my abilities. 
  2. It’s safe for me to take up space. 
  3. My creations are brilliant. 
  4. I allow myself to express all aspects of myself.
  5. I am here and I am whole. 
  6. It’s time for me to celebrate myself!
  7. I am right where I need to be. 
  8. I am here for a purpose. 
  9. Every day I express myself fully. 

Affirmations for self belief

  1. I am whole and complete. 
  2. I am worthy of everything I desire. 
  3. Every day my self belief grows. 
  4. I fully believe in myself. 
  5. I am more capable than I know. 
  6. My mind is balanced and calm. 
  7. I deserve to take care of myself. 
  8. I am doing my best. 
  9. Every day I feel lighter and brighter. 
  10. I choose to fill my day with joy and optimism. 

Affirmations for a confidence boost

  1. I am confident. 
  2. I am in control. 
  3. Confidence comes naturally to me. 
  4. I deserve to feel good about myself. 
  5. I am willing to boost my confidence right now. 
  6. Every day my self confidence grows. 
  7. I radiate positive energy. 
  8. I am stronger than I think. 
  9. My confidence levels are increasing. 
  10. I am a wonderful person. 

Final thoughts 

Don’t let self-doubt take over your life. You deserve to live a life full of happiness, fulfilment and joy. Use these affirmations to silence your inner critic and help you feel more confident. Enjoy feeling good about yourself again, and keep up the good work!