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10 Signs Your Manifestation is Close

Have you been journaling, using affirmations and visualizing yet everything seems pretty quiet and you haven’t experienced your manifestation come through yet?

Don’t worry! This is a normal and expected part of the manifestation journey. Although it might not feel like it, there is a good chance that things will change soon. This article explores the signs that your manifestation is close, and how to cultivate feelings of trust during this process. 

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is the process of making your dreams a reality. It involves getting clear on what you want your life to look like, and taking consistent action to help you reach your goals.

Unlike others, I don’t believe that you can create your dream life just from changing your thoughts. I believe true manifestation is found in doing the inner work (meditation, journaling, using affirmations) to boost your self belief, and outer work (taking action, stepping outside your comfort zone, being bold).

When we combine a strong mindset with strong actions, it’s possible to create amazing changes.

Manifestation doesn’t mean everything you could ever dream of is handed to you on a plate. There will be challenges along the way, but it’s all part of the journey to fulfilment.

Signs your manifestation is close 

Here are the top signs that your manifestation is close. You might experience one sign, or maybe even a mixture of many signs.

The main thing is that you keep your self belief strong, and trust that your goals will manifest at the perfect time.

There’s a lot we can’t control in this world, so it’s important to step back and remain motivated, even in uncertainty.

1. You are experiencing synchronicities 

Synchronicities can be defined as significant events that don’t seem logical and make you consider the possibility of something bigger than yourself. 

There is no rational explanation for them, but they make you feel connected to something almost divine in nature.

If you notice more synchronicities in your life, this is a great sign that what you have been calling in is about to materialise. 

2. There are unexpected surprises in other areas of your life 

It is often common to experience surprises in other areas of your life even if you haven’t actively worked to manifest something in that area.

Let’s say you’re trying to manifest a relationship with your soulmate. You might notice new friends coming into your life, or current friendships becoming renewed. This is because as you clear space in other areas of your life, you allow positive energy to flow into all areas of your life.

Enjoy these unexpected developments and know your main manifestation is close. 

3. You feel peaceful

You’ve done the work and expanded your mindset, and although you haven’t experienced a huge shift yet, you feel calm and grounded. This is a great sign!

This means you have successfully let go of attachment and you are in a state of complete trust. You have handed over the specifics to the universe and you know that everything will materialize at the perfect time for you.

Keep focusing on feelings of calm and peace, and know that a big shift is about to happen. 

4. You experience a period of inactivity 

If things suddenly seem very quiet in your life, this is a really positive sign. This is because you have cleared space for your manifestation to come through and the universe is giving you the opportunity to really lean into trust before you are rewarded.

Keep the faith and know that your manifestation is close. If things have been quiet for a while now and you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, check out To Be Magnetic’s article on this confusing yet powerful time. 

5. You’re on an emotional rollercoaster

If you find yourself getting more irritated, teary, or unsettled than usual, this can also be a sign that your manifestation is close. This is because as you work to clear limiting beliefs, this can bring up lots of suppressed emotions.

Be gentle with yourself if you experience this, and make sure you prioritize self care. You might also find these self-love affirmations useful. Know that this is a positive sign and you are clearing emotional space which will allow you to to increase feelings of trust and peace.

6. You’re experiencing adversity

Sometimes the universe likes to throw tests your way just before your manifestation comes through.

If, for example, you are calling in a better job, you might experience a few unfavorable interview experiences, or even a lack of response from job applications.

Some people think manifestation is as simple as asking for what you like and receiving it soon after, but we know that life isn’t that easy.

If you experience this, it is a great way to see just how much you actually want what you’re calling in. If you still remain strong in the face of adversity, take comfort in the fact that your manifestation is close. 

7. You notice signs and symbols

Signs and symbols can include animals, specific numbers, or even your favorite song. If you begin noticing more of these as you go about your day, this is a really positive sign that your manifestation is close.

You can read more about angel numbers in Melanie Beckler’s excellent article here. These signs and symbols can be interpreted as encouraging messages from the universe to keep the faith and hang in there.

If you see signs or symbols, it is a great idea to take a moment and thank the universe, either aloud or mentally. Expressing gratitude is always a great way to supercharge your manifestations. 

8. You feel comfortable releasing control

If you used to obsess over your manifestations but now you feel comfortable releasing control, this is excellent news!

Releasing control can be very daunting at first. We like to think we are in control of every aspect of our lives, but in reality, we can’t control everything that happens to us.

When you make peace with the fact you can’t control everything, there’s a good chance that you are about to receive some huge blessings. It also means you are open to receiving whatever serves your highest good, rather than what you think you need.

When you release control, you might be pleasantly surprised with how the universe responds!

9. You experience powerful dreams

Dreams are said to be the window to our subconscious mind, and can provide us with important messages.

If you’ve been experiencing disturbed sleep or vivid dreams, it could signify that you’re about to go through a huge change in your life.

Try keeping a dream journal and practice writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Remember, your dreams might be symbolic rather than literal. Look for hidden meanings or metaphors.

Your subconscious mind might be trying to communicate something important about your manifestation. Analyze your dreams carefully for any clues or important messages.

10. You no longer stress about the specifics

When we first begin to manifest, it’s normal to get caught up in the specifics. We might visualize earning a specific amount of money per month, or meeting a life partner with a certain set of traits.

As you get closer to receiving your manifestation, you might begin to realize that it’s not important to worry about the specific details.

What is way more important is how the manifestation would make you feel.

You feel comfortable letting go of the specifics and remain in a complete state of trust in terms of what the universe might bring into your life.

This is a great place to be in, and might signify positive changes will soon enter your life!

Final thoughts 

There are many different signs that your manifestation is close, and they might feel different for each individual. The most important thing is to maintain your vision and keep the faith. Learn to trust and let go. You are worthy of everything you desire and the universe might surprise you sooner than you think.

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